Why Train Overseas?

There is currently only one training center in India HAL, Bangalore which trains Helicopter Pilots in India. They have a full training capacity of 18 students. That means India produces only 18 Helicopter Pilots per year.

Also the course takes around 18 months compared to only 5 months abroad! The cost of training is 30% cheaper abroad with more advanced well maintained Helicopters which are available there. Students also have the option to get Instructor Rating and get the option to train students from other parts of the world in schools abroad and thus logging in more flying hours under their belt.

In our endeavor to provide our students with global employ-ability our students are exposed to the best facilities available in flying. The best helicopter training schools costs anywhere between 60,000 USD to 75,000 USD depending on the type of helicopters used for training.

We have made helicopter training affordable at an all inclusive cost of USD 50,000 which includes 150 Hours of training with accommodation, local transport, medicals and check rides. There are no hidden costs and most of our graduates have completed their training within this budget.

Helicop Aviation can give you tailor made courses based on charter company needs so that you get employed soon after completion of your CHPL course.